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It is universally known that your brand logo design is the first impression for new customers. It can pay off significantly in the long run if it is done right. Whatever kind of business you may own, without having an impactful logo design, you will not be able to engage the audience with your brand from the start. Neither would you be able to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Our Logo Design Gold Coast service is the answer to all of these problems. The logo designers at Juno Creative will help you establish and define your unique brand story with their strategy-based logo design services.



Build Your Brand Value

With a Perfect Logo Design

Your brand logo will be a snapshot of the capabilities and values of your business. It helps customers visualize what your business is all about. So, to leave the best impression on your audience, you should hire a team of skilled designers who can help you craft your brand journey, starting with an exceptional logo design.

With Effective First Impressions

Data suggests that potential consumers decide if they will spend any more time on a company’s goods or services in less than 3 seconds. A logo is obviously the first thing people see and the foundation for this choice. It’s crucial to make a solid first impression and draw in those new customers!

logo design gold coast


Your customers are served with more options now than ever before. In a crowded market, a logo is an effective tool in standing out from the competitors, keeping steps ahead of the competition, and grabbing attention. A unique, uncomplicated, and eye-catching logo attracts potential customers’ attention.

Firm Foundation

A strong logo is a foundation for a company’s whole brand when executed properly. The branding of a company should be unified, so starting from the logo up is the best way to ensure this!

gold coast logo design

Loyalty to Your Brand

Your clients will keep you in their minds and find you again if they relate your brand with a pleasant memory or, even better, an excellent mood. People will recurringly approach you once they have established trust with your brand. Your logo serves as the tool to jog their memory.

Invest Now To Save In Future

By choosing a quick fix or continuing with an incorrect or poorly conceived logo, costs that could have been avoided in the future will arise. A carefully thought-out logo design can help you avoid future rework, rebranding, amendments, and inconsistencies.


Any company’s logo serves as a crucial anchor for credibility. It demonstrates how competent and established a business is. If you are lacking of a logo, this can create the impression that a company is unorganized, inexperienced, or unreliable.

We are a renowned Logo Design Gold Coast company serving significant events, small and medium-sized businesses, and individual brands.


logo design gold coast: the perks


Like any of our clients on the Gold Coast, we will work closely beside you and generously impart our knowledge to produce your branding, from imagery, colors, and icons that accurately convey the message you want to share about your company. Using the information we discuss during our initial meeting and from your provided brief, we will design a unique corporate logo that purposefully portrays your brand promise.


For small businesses with tight budgets, we provide accommodating fixed-price package options or continuous, professional design services at a low monthly cost. You can pick an appropriate package that suits your specific needs.


We employ a boutique approach and pricing structure tailored to today’s market after working in this dynamic industry for so long. We serve many clients, including startups, NGOs, non-profits, government agencies, and multinational corporations in the healthcare, education, retail, hotel, financial, and food and beverage sectors.


Each business encounters varied difficulties. We adjust our strategy to fit the demands of each new enterprise. Our proficiency in graphic and logo design has assisted hundreds of new businesses in effectively expressing their individuality. We are passionate about going on this journey with you, starting with an exciting brand launch and continuing through the many seasons your business may have. Utilize our no-obligation, phone consultation right away.


Great designs, in our opinion, are not limited by geography or language. We have collaborated to build innovative solutions for a diverse range of clients, from startups to well-established multinational corporations. To see more of our logo designs, go here.


Our team is collaborative and values building solid, on-going relationships, so that’s exactly how we’ll interact with you! We enjoy collaborating with customers who appreciate creativity and quality craftsmanship.


How important is colour selection in logo design?

A well designed logo should begin in black and white to ensure the logo is effective in its simplest form. When a logo has been selected, colour application is the next step and is a crucial element to designing an effective logo. Colour is subjective and if used appropriately it can influence the viewers perception of your business in a positive light and can add visual appeal to your brand. Your chosen colour palette should clearly communicate your objective to your target market and reflect the mood and personality you would like to convey. For example, blue is perceived to be clean and trustworthy, and offers a sense of assurance, suitable for branding a doctor’s surgery. Strong reds, oranges or yellows are intended to stimulate the viewer and ignite a sense of fun and excitement so they are well-suited to branding a gym or fast food outlet. The key to colour application is knowing your business, your target audience and selecting a colour palette that will capture the intended emotion.

Your logo should communicate clearly and concisely, who you are and what you do. Take the corporate identities of Nike and Apple for example – they each use a very simple icon that with or without text, is easily recognisable, striking and can be reproduced at any size. The more complex the logo, the harder it is to reproduce at smaller sizes and can lose detail. To design an effective, memorable and timeless logo that communicates your message successfully, simplicity is key.

Is a simple logo more effective?

Your logo should communicate clearly and concisely, who you are and what you do. Take the corporate identities of Nike and Apple for example – they each use a very simple icon that with or without text, is easily recognisable, striking and can be reproduced at any size. The more complex the logo, the harder it is to reproduce at smaller sizes and can lose detail. To design an effective, memorable and timeless logo that communicates your message successfully, simplicity is key. Juno are specialists if you need a logo design Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

How important is typeface for logo design?

Typefaces can evoke different meanings to your audience and can work well used alone, providing the typeface you use for your business name reflects the mood you are trying to convey. For example, a florist may opt for a script or hand-written typeface to convey their message. Using only a symbol however, can lead to wider interpretation of what it is that your business does so to ensure your message is clear, your symbol could take on the name of your business, like Apple for example, whose infamous logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it. Using both a symbol and typeface can provide additional clarification and meaning than a typeface alone. For example, FedEx logo is very successful logo using both a typeface and symbol. The type incorporates an arrow pointing rightwards, nestled within the negative space created between the ‘E’ and ‘x’. This symbolises movement and direction which is perfectly suited to a freight company.

What file formats will my logo be supplied in?

Typically, your logo will be designed in a vector format (.eps and .ai) to ensure that it is scalable and can be reproduced at any size without losing quality. Using a vector format is also important if you need colours to be printed accurately, as vector logos can be printed using the Pantone Matching System (or PMS). Vector logos can also be printed in black and white and four colour process (CMYK). Depending on the application, you may also require your logo in a pixel or ‘raster’ format (.jpg .gif .tif .bmp and .png). Raster images are made up of several tiny pixels that together form a larger image. They are also resolution dependent, meaning that if you stretch or enlarge the image, it could pixelate, compromising the overall quality of the image, so it is important to consider how you will be using the logo. Speak to us in further detail so we can supply your logo in the best format for your requirements.

Juno are specialists in branding so contact us if you are looking for a logo design Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne

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