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When it comes to selecting an advertising agency in Melbourne it can be difficult to know which agency is ‘right’ for you, your business and the task at-hand.

We are Juno Creative: a small and nimble team of modest creatives, who specialise in all things print, branding and digital. We understand the different needs of our clients. 

Our 13 years of in business has granted us the skills and experience to develop innovative and effective original ideas, grounded in research and strategy, that deliver strong creative solutions for all of our valued clients..



Juno can do it.

When you hire Juno as your advertising agency in Melbourne, you get big agency brains, with little agency attitude.

Part of the Juno genius lies in our ferocious appetite for understanding the needs, goals, expectations of the brands and organisations that we work with. This allows us to develop solid strategy that drives best possible outcomes.

We believe steadfastly in research, and work with our clients to ensure that there is a strong understanding of the organisation and brand, and their respective target markets.

From there, we launch into design, capture, creative or production.

When it comes to capabilities, ours are endless. In the midst of our very talented, nimble Juno team, you can rest assured that we can do everything that our larger creative counterparts can.

Coles Deli Salad Packaging

Juno especially loves creating brands, and designing for both print and digital.

Despite boasting a long list of things we can do, like any other advertising agency in Melbourne, we have our strengths and talents. For Juno, our strengths are branding, packaging, digital and print design. We do a lot of work for our valued clients in this space, which has enabled us to refine our craft and create some truly impressive, creative work.

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Juno makes brands relevant, by executing strong brand identities.

If you are currently looking to hire an advertising agency in Melbourne, you may be at the point in your business where you need to develop a visual identity. Your logo is the illustrative heart and soul of your brand and business, and whether you are in need of a new one, or simply a refresh of your current logo: we can help. We work with our clients, to research, plan, strategise and conceptualise until we present an idea that you love.

Juno has mastered the art of really effective design.

Here at Juno Creative, print design is also very close to our heart. We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to communicate brand messages clearly, through strategically aligned print design. No matter the deliverable, Juno can help deliver your message, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

To Juno, digital is not an afterthought: it’s a separate business problem to be solved and strategically planned for.

At Juno, we live and breathe digital design and are thrilled to deliver unique, attractive and user-friendly websites that deliver their message with impact. Team Juno have the know-how and experience needed to build quality WordPress CMS sites, as well as ecommerce, responsive and mobile sites. We work with companies small through to large, to provide packages that are customised for their business, and that ultimately: to solve their business problems.

Team Juno always delivers results: on-time and on-budget.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the team here at Juno. We live and breathe effective advertising, and treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own.

Let our team of smart, creative and strategic designers, creatives, account handlers and production specialists, work their magic on your brand or business, and experience the Juno difference for yourself.

Here is some work that we’re really proud of, that we’ve already delivered to our much-loved clients:

  • Conquest: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Giant Steps: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Truebell Capital: Digital / Print
  • Beauty & Brow: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Construct Melbourne: Print / Signage
  • Studio V: Branding / Digital / Print
  • beyond. Conference: Digital / Print

Want to see more Juno magic?

You can also view our branding showcase, to view a showcase of greyscale logos that we have designed for our eclectic range of clients, industries and products.

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Give us a call. We’d love to chat.

If you’re looking to hire a new agency, or simply want to seek a second opinion: we are always available for a coffee and chat.