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You may be struggling to find an advertising agency on the Gold Coast that fits your needs. Let us introduce ourselves. We are Juno Creative. We’re modest, but nimble. We excel at creativity and flexibility, which means we can understand the needs of our clients.

We have been in the creative business for 13 years, which means we can bring all of our skills and experience to you. We can develop ideas for your business that are innovative and effective. Our ideas, which are grounded in solid research and proven strategies, can give you solutions to your most challenging problems.  If you are looking for a marketing agency on the gold coast we would love to hear form you.



We can do it.

One of the best things about our little agency is that Juno isn’t really little. We have the brains and creativity of a big agency, but the attitude of a boutique agency. We will listen to the goals, needs, and expectations of your organization. We want amazing outcomes for your company.

We also know that as an advertising agency on the Gold Coast, we need to do the research that moves our clients forward. We want to thoroughly understand your organization and your brand. When we know your brand and your target market, we move into brand design, capturing an emotion or an image or a new packaging design.

While we are a small company, we can bring you all of the creative talent that a large company can offer.

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Juno especially loves creating brands, and designing for both print and digital.

Despite boasting a long list of things we can do, like any other advertising agency in Melbourne, we have our strengths and talents. For Juno, our strengths are branding, packaging, digital and print design. We do a lot of work for our valued clients in this space, which has enabled us to refine our craft and create some truly impressive, creative work.

Graphic Design Gold Coast
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Your Gold Coast Marketing Agency.

In the market for an advertising agency on the Gold Coast? Let us help you develop a strong visual identity. We could start with your logo. Your logo represents the heart of your business, so whether you’re in the market for a brand new logo, or a logo redesign, our creative team can help. Let us work with you to do the research, plan designs, listen to your brand ideas and strategies and present a logo idea you’ll love.

Juno has mastered the art of great (and really effective) design.

Most of us at Juno Creative started in print design, so it is near and dear to our hearts. We love coming up with creative solutions for your brand message that communicates clearly to your clients. Our print designs are strategically aligned to your business goals. Juno can deliver your message when, where, and how it is needed.

Digital is a separate strategy, not an afterthought 

Not only does Juno excel at print design, we adore digital design as well. Let us help you find attractive, creative, unique and friendly websites that work with your goals to deliver a powerful message. We can build Word Press CMS sites. We can also create sites for e-commerce and mobile sites. Whether your company is small or large, we can customize a package for your company that helps you overcome digital challenges.

Team Juno always delivers results: on-time and on-budget.

We know that sometimes, you are fooled by the allure of a big company. We are stressing to you not to be fooled, because Juno can deliver effective advertising with a personal touch we’re known for. Let us work magic for your brand or your business, and allow you to soar.

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Here is some work that we’re really proud of, that we’ve already delivered to our much-loved client:

  • Henry Avery: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Bread, Wine & Thou Magazine: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Bickerton Masters: Branding
  • Studio Collective: Branding
  • Fenn Foods: Branding / Digital / Packaging
  • Ferroni: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Vanity By Design: Branding / Digital
  • Inaspace: Branding / Digital
  • Fresh Chai Co: Branding / Packaging
  • BSPN: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Sushi Kenzen: Branding / Digital / Print
  • ThinkBOLD: Branding / Digital / Print

Want to see more Juno magic?

Have a look at our branding showcase. You can view a sample of some of our recent logo design. Although we have some favourite business sectors,  our client base extends across very broad business demographics.

Juno Creative | Graphic Design | Creative Agency Gold Coast

Give us a call. We’d love to chat.

If you want to hire a new Gold Coast marketing agency, or you need a second opinion, give Juno a try. We’d love to grab a coffee with you and chat about your business.