Bamboo Behinds

The Project

Bamboo Behinds aims to take away some of the negative impact’s nappies have to the environment.

The Bamboo Behinds nappies are made from bamboo and are partially biodegradable. The packaging is 100% plastic free, and the shipping packaging is 100% compostable – they are a fantastic alternative to your average nappy brand.

For the branding we explored a clean and fresh direction, yet it also has a little playfulness to it. We wanted in incorporate a minimal animal silhouette that would connect to the base colour band. When the size of the product changes the colour and the animal would change along with it giving each bag its own individuality. With the animal and the clouds, we wanted these to feel organic, as if someone had cut them out and stamped them onto the packaging.

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Kind Words: Brigitte Lonie

“As an utterly uncreative person, I put my full faith into Juno to come up with a fantastic brand and packaging concept for my new business. The brief was that it had to be fun, but also emphasise the eco-friendly nature of my products and work with the challenging medium of paper packaging.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In fact, Juno presented me with two concepts that were extremely difficult to choose between. I’ll definitely be coming back to Juno when I need to expand my product lines!”