McCarthy Homes

The Project

McCarthy was already a well-established company, so we weren’t just looking at a logo and website refresh – we needed to completely redesign their brand identity The McCarthy team requested a modern take on their current branding to help make their brand more approachable to their target audience.

When redesigning the logo, each letter juxtaposes sharp architectural elements against soft curves to emulate the homes and the landscapes they reside in. By using techniques such as UX auditing, focus groups and programs like Hotjar, we were able to pinpoint the exact areas on the old website that weren’t working or needed improvement. When we finished the website, we didn’t stop there – we also crafted McCarthy’s new tone of voice to match their new look. We wrote new content for the website, inclusions brochures and various other pieces of collateral to ensure the brand voice flowed continuously throughout every step of the customer journey.

View their Juno made website here.