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If you are looking for a design agency based out of Melbourne, consider Juno: the nimble little design agency, with big agency smarts, capabilities and talent.

Team Juno is a group of talented, dynamic and versatile designers, strategists and creatives, from eclectic backgrounds, with a diverse range of skills, and a shared passion for really good design.

In fact, smart and effective design (that looks d*mn good) is our guiding star, and it is this uniting factor that gives us the edge when it comes to offering more than your typical Melbourne design agency.

For the last 13 years, we’ve worked with our much-loved clients to craft some truly incredible design, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.



At Juno, we live and breathe design. But it has to be really good design.

To us, there is nothing more exciting than good design. Smart design. Design that isn’t ‘run of the mill’, and instead evokes feeling and incites action. To be frank, we’re obsessed with design, but design needs to do more than be or look good. It needs to be functional and drive performance, to meet aims and expectations. Here a Juno, we interrogate our design work, whilst always striving to execute design that is innovative, on-brand and on-brief.

Graphic Design Melbourne

But Team Juno’s expertise extends beyond design.
We ensure that your full requirements are always met.


When it comes to design, we don’t discriminate. We are equally as inspired by an effective print design solution, as a digital one. No two business problems befit the same solution. What makes us very good at what we do is that we understand, intimately, the difference between each medium and channel and how best to leverage their specific values, to drive success.

Design Agency Melbourne

Design has more influence on consumer behaviour, than you might realise.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of effective, strategically aligned, strong design. In both the digital and print worlds, quality design makes all the difference, when it comes to awareness and revenue. Particularly in the Instagram age, where there is a cultural and societal push towards a certain aesthetic; never has there been a better time to stop, pause and think about how your brand is portrayed through design. Or, if you have a new business idea, now is the time to work with Juno and get it right-o from the get-go.


We want more than X number of clients. We want true collaborators, to help us hone our craft and produce amazing work.

Team Juno is small, agile and super flexible, which means that we get to take a different approach, to other design agencies in Melbourne. We don’t view our clients just as revenue. We are truly passionate, enthusiastic and excited about what we do, and we want to cultivate long-term, mutually successful and collaborative relationships with the organisations and businesses we work with. Our success is your success and vice-versa.

Forget red tape and unexpected invoices. We deliver on-time, with no surprises and on-budget.

Team Juno respects deadlines. We won’t make you fill out a million forms, wait weeks and weeks, or go through a complicated process, to get our brains thinking. We work together as a team with the individuals and organisations that we partner with, to create and execute outstanding ideas: on-time, with no surprises and on-budget. When you work with us, you have peace of mind, so you can devote your time to things that really need your attention and focus.

Graphic Design Melbourne

We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and we can’t wait to add you to this list.

  • Studio Collective: Branding
  • Vanity By Design: Branding / Digital
  • BSPN: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Sushi Kenzen: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Bickerton Masters: Branding
  • Fenn Foods: Branding / Digital / Packaging
  • Ferroni: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Henry Avery: Branding / Digital / Print
  • ThinkBOLD: Branding / Digital / Print
  • Fresh Chai Co: Branding / Packaging
  • Inaspace: Branding / Digital
  • Bread, Wine & Thou Magazine: Branding / Digital / Print


Give us a buzz. We’re always happy to meet for a coffee.

We love to hear about your business, and in particular: any problems you are experiencing. Let’s chat today about where you could take your business in 2019.

In the meanwhile, check out our branding showcase, for more epic examples of our work.

Graphic Design Agency Melbourne
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