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Your packaging is the uniform of your product, and packaging design is so important, that a poorly executed packaging design can easily dissuade consumers from engaging or interacting with your product, or brand. This is a harsh reality that too many companies learn on their own, but luckily you have found us, we are a packaging design agency that can help guide you to success.

We’re Juno: an independent, full-service creative agency, with a special love for really effective packaging design. We’ve been doing this in Brisbane for more than 13 years now, with studios in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you reap the full benefits of our more than decade of experience in the industry.

Team Juno has offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast where our enthusiastic, friendly and collaborative designers, creatives and strategists develop packaging design strategies, that deliver results and command attention.

Packaging Design Brisbane | Packaging Design Melbourne | Packaging Design Gold Coast



There is a craft to packaging design, a craft that team Juno has set out to master.

Packaging design does not have to be boring, and if you’re looking for someone to handle your packaging design in Brisbane, look no further than Juno.

We love nothing more than creating new packaging design ideas for our clients, that drive tangible engagement and demand attention. We want our packaging design to jump off the shelves (online or brick and mortar) and into our consumer’s shopping carts.

In terms of touch-points, packaging design is not something that can be considered as an after-thought and it is certainly not the time to be making logo soup.

Our 13 years of experience in packaging design for the Brisbane markets has allowed us to intimately understand, and gain perspective on, what works and what doesn’t.

Let us share this know-how and expertise with you, and incorporate our learnings into your packaging design.

If you are looking for IT support check out our sister brand.

Packaging Design Brisbane | Brisbane Packaging Design | Packaging Designer Brisbane | Brisbane Packaging Designer | Packaging Design | Juno Creative Brisbane

Don't worry, we can do everything else a full service agency can do, too.


Logo design & concept
Brand identity & design
Logo design & concept

Stationery Design:

With comps slips
Business cards

Web Hosting & Support:

Domain registration
Tech support
Website development
Web hosting

Graphic Design:

Publications / press
Annual report & corporate documents
Catalogues & brochures
Signage & outdoor

Social Media:

Post templates & feed design
Google Plus
Advertising campaign management

Website Production / Design:

Magento sites
Google adwords
WordPress sites
Responsive sites
Back end development
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Mobile sites
Shopify and ecommerce sites


Print management
Advertising & marketing strategy

Video / Photography:

Animations & motion graphics
Professional video and photo shoots



...functional, yet impressive design is kinda our thing.

When it comes to design, we don’t discriminate. We are equally as inspired by an effective print design solution, as a digital one. No two business problems befit the same solution. What makes us very good at what we do is that we understand, intimately, the difference between each medium and channel and how best to leverage their specific values, to drive success.

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Design has more influence on consumer behaviour than you might realise.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of effective, strategically aligned, strong design. In both the digital and print worlds, quality design makes all the difference, when it comes to awareness and revenue. Particularly in the Instagram age, where there is a cultural and societal push towards a certain aesthetic; never has there been a better time to stop, pause and think about how your brand is portrayed through design. Or, if you have a new business idea, now is the time to work with Juno and get it right-o from the get-go.


We want more than X number of clients. We want true collaborators to help us hone our craft and product amazing work.

Team Juno is small, agile and super flexible, which means that we get to take a different approach, to other design agency shops in Melbourne and Brisbane. We don’t view our clients just as revenue. We are truly passionate, enthusiastic and excited about what we do, and we want to cultivate long-term, mutually successful and collaborative relationships with the organisations and businesses we work with. Our success is your success and vice-versa.

Forget red tape and unexpected invoices. We deliver on-time, on-budget and with no surprises

Team Juno respects deadlines. We won’t make you fill out a million forms, wait weeks and weeks, or go through a complicated process, to get our brains thinking. We work together as a team with the individuals and organisations that we partner with, to create and execute outstanding ideas: on-time, with no surprises and on-budget. When you work with us, you have peace of mind, so you can devote your time to things that really need your attention and focus.


And we're obsessed with getting it just right.

That’s why we’ve been able to create such amazing work for our clients already.


We’re only a phone call away!

Give us a buzz on (07) 3257 1115.
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