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Packaging Design

Packaging Design Juno Creative

If there’s something we as humans are great at, it’s buying things. From chocolates, to clothing, to essentials like toothpaste or bread, they all come in packaging. The packaging design of ANY product is what will draw customers in, catch their eye and encourage them to buy your product over any other.

Packaging design plays an important role in presenting a brand; if your packaging design is attractive, people will reach for it first. But a boring, average-looking packaging design will fade into the background with its competitors.

It can be a challenge to know where to start and what’s important in packaging design. Juno Creative is a leading agency in packaging design, so you can rest assured that it will be love at first sight when your customers meet your products.

Why is Packaging Important?

There is no doubt that packaging influences our purchasing decisions.

  • The design of your packaging will be a true reflection of your brand. We will specifically target your customer-base in the design to maximise your profits.
  • Packaging design works with human centric philosophy, we are creatures of loyalty and habit – we all have our go-to brands. At one point, we first found a certain product appealing, and now it has become our favourite, there is an emotional connection there.
  • Sometimes the smallest thing, such as a unique colour palette or a friendly font looks attractive and will have you reaching for a certain product first.

A Look into Juno’s Mind

  • We will conduct thorough market research to scope out your competitors. This will ensure that your product will be able to stand out against similar products.
  • Knowing where the product will be placed (top row, end of row etc.) will help us to design to catch the customers eye, no matter the placement. Big brands will always be prioritized and placed in the middle, but we believe smaller brands deserve attention too!
  • We will find out where you intend to sell your product – online, large grocery store, or boutique shops. We will design for the audience of that location and be able to research specific competitors within those markets.

These things will start us off on the right foot, giving us the keys to designing your perfect packaging.

Purpose of Packaging Design

The materials selected for packaging design plays an important role in the protection of your product. It should ensure secure and safe transportation, freshness and durability.

There will be thousands of other products on the market, and your packaging design must attract customers from the get-go. Juno will carefully consider all aspects of design to give your product the best chance.

Good packaging design is incredibility important, and if thoughtfully and purposefully designed, will certainly increase sales. Juno Creative would love to work with you in designing your product’s packaging design. Give us a call today to get started!


  • Great packaging design positions your brand as exciting, trustworthy and valuable. People will often be loyal to your product after purchasing it, so an eye-catching design is necessary to build a solid customer base.
  • Packaging design can illustrate an engaging story, creating an emotional connection with the customer. It looks fascinating to them and invites them to interact with it.
  • Packaging design is a very powerful tool in marketing. It ultimately increases your sales. It reduces your costs. It helps you increase your brand awareness among people. This is the ultimate goal to reach your desired place on the shelf only if your packaging design is appealing.
  • The most important thing is that you should know that your packaging design is in an experienced company’s hand.

The best company concerning packaging design in Brisbane is Juno Creative’s Packaging Design.

Work with us!

Having understood the importance of packaging design, we know it is what makes people reach for your product. So, if your packaging design is excellent, then you are going to see your brand. The most important thing about it is that you should choose a designer who knows about packaging design and its importance in the market.

Juno Creative has the experience and skills to level-up your packaging. Use our Packaging Design services to work with our highly-trained team of designers.