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How to Tell Your Brand Story

From the beginning of time, we have been storytellers. Stories draw people in, provoking real emotion and taking them on a journey. Storytelling uses fact and narrative to communicate a message to your audience.

Our world is filled to the brim with different marketing strategies. Wherever you turn, there is noise; another company telling you that their product is the best. But marketing should be more than “buy this, it’s the best” – it should undeniably convince us and make us truely believe in the product/service/company. Show customers WHO you are, HOW you work, and WHY you are someone they should remember.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Your brand story should simply be humble, yet meaningful. A powerful way to get your story across in a memorable way is to engage the audience with visual storytelling through design.

“With a captivating story, your marketing expenses can take a small breather.
Let your audience pass on the good word!”

Your visual branding should evoke a feeling with your customer base. Do you want them to feel secure and protected? Warm and welcomed? Free and at peace? These feelings will generate a response to your brand. Think about how you want customers to react – what do you want them to do next?

So how can you break it down and tell your story throughout your branding?

1. Who are you, really?

  • Think about why you started your business. Was it a hobby turned passion? Were you a born entrepreneur looking for something to stir the fire in you?
  • Think about what values are non-negotiable for your business (integrity, eco-friendly approach, giving back, client happiness etc.) Remember to stay true to YOU, don’t just write what you think your audience wants to hear. Promise only what you can deliver.

2. Who else is out there?

Let’s check out your competitors. The only way to set yourself apart is to know what other companies have to offer. Is there something that no one else has talked about; something you know people are searching for? How can you fill the gap?

3. Tell your tale

After you have the bones to your brand narrative, it’s important to communicate it clearly in a way that directly appeals to your audience. If you are targeting business executives, your tone of voice will be drastically different to a target audience of teenage girls. Juno Creative has great in-house copywriters who can give your brand the perfect voice. We work with you to research competition, get to know who you truly are as a brand, and bring your story to life! Talk to us today about how we can help you tell your story.

4. Worth a thousand words

Now that your full brand story is established, the next step is to tell it visually. Your story is who you are, and your company branding should reflect this. Customers remember and respond emotionally to visual graphics, imagery, and illustration. So, it is vital that your brand identity reflects your story. From logo to colour palette to paper stock quality… every little thing counts!

Your company name and logo will be the most significant part of your brand. This is why it is so important to put research and thought into them – do not rush it! You want both the name and logo to stand the test of time, so that your brand establishes strength and trust with its audience. Let’s create a memorable brand that radiates who you are, Juno would love to work beside you to create your tailored and unique branding!

We’re ready to help take your business to new heights. If you’re looking to create a new brand or refresh your existing brand, our team at Juno will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect brand story for your business.

Give us a call on (07) 3186 0566 and we’ll get you on the right track.

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