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We have established a new Web Hosting service powered by the Google Cloud. This new service is Super Fast, Secure & Scalable. You can expect to see page load times that are twice as fast as our previous hosting. This is a dedicated Web Hosting service and does not provide support for email hosting. Dedicated Web Hosting is now a common trend as it provides better server security.

For Email Hosting, We recommend hosting email with Google G-Suite or Outlook 365. Our IT subdivision at Juno Productive can set this up for you if needed.

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+ Speed

Fastest available website speeds on Google’s Cloud hosting servers.

+ Support

Superior support services. If there is a critical issue we will resolve quickly.

+ Daily Backups

Daily backups with one touch restore for piece of mind.

+ Secure

Industry leading security levels to maximise site uptime.

+ Stay Updated

Updates to WordPress / PHP versions and plugins also included.

+ Australian Hosting

Hosting in Google’s Sydney data centre gives faster speed for Australian users.


+ Daily site backups with one-click restore
+ Free CDN (Content Delivery Network). This improves page load speeds
+ Free SSL security certificate
+ Free staging site available for development work. Staging site changes can be           pushed live with one click
+ Free WordPress site management. Upgrades the core WordPress code and                 plugins twice per year. This is free with your hosting package and will help                   prevent against malicious attacks.


Automatic Payments
via Direct Debit (Preferred)

$5 per month discount and billed 1 month in advance.

Payment is $35 + GST every month

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Manual Payments
Bank Transfer or Credit Card (1.7% Fee)

$40 + GST per month and billed every 3 months in advance.

Payment is $120 + GST every 3 months.

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How does web hosting work?

Once you have your website ready to go, it needs to be available to be viewed by visitors. This is where web hosting comes into play. Web hosting is space on a server within a data centre – you’re basically paying rent for space on a physical server. Web hosting keeps the server up and running whilst also working to provide security and prevent cyberattacks. It allows for easy maintenance and access for online users.

The web server is responsible for making your website files accessible to browsers and visitors. When a visitor goes to click on your website, a request is sent to the server. The web server then sends the appropriate files to the visitor, giving them access to your pages.

The web server does this 24/7, making your website available any time, any day.

Why is Australian web hosting important?

The physical location of the data centre the website is hosted at is often overlooked. This location is important since the website data that gets transferred, physically needs to travel as electrical impulses. This means if you have an international host, your data needs to travel a long distance to get to a visitor’s screen.

By having an Australian host, the data doesn’t have to travel a long distance, overall maximising your websites performance through having shorter loading speeds. Keeping your online visitors happy. Our Google cloud hosting is the best solutions for web hosting in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne