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Web Design Principles

Web Design Juno Creative

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet and usually refers to the user experience aspects of websites development rather than software development. Web designs purpose is to create solutions to a problem and using a web page as the means of communication between a brand and their audience. The design only succeeds if it helps improve conversions and engagement. As websites are required by majority of businesses it is beneficial to enlist a web design specialise such as Juno Creative to create your site. Web design means to the design of the websites which are displayed on the internet. It usually demonstrates to user knowledge aspects of website development.

Information Concerning Website Design

  1. A web designer works on the different aspects of the website. Their primary focuses are on layout, structure, flow, user interaction, appearance, and responsive capabilities.
  2. An appealing website design is one that is easier to use, aesthetically appealing, suits the target audience, and echoes the brand identity.
  3. Functional websites are the most desirable aspect in website design. If a site is confusing or faulty, audiences are more likely to seek assistance elsewhere, therefore, a loss of sales for you.
  4. Problem solving is a key role of a website designer. This entails ensuring glitches are non existent, links are updated and the content is safe form cyberattacks.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view the site. There are three main principles that drive responsive design including fluid grid systems, fluid image use and media queries. All three principles are what bind all responsive sites. As most users will vary in what device type they use to visit your site, responsive web design is crucial for any web design.

Problem Solving

Web designers find a way to solve issues concerning their clients. Web designers work with an issue solving process.

Designers look for the possible problems that the clients are facing, then they process to design a web solution. After that, they develop a test before releasing the final results. They keep testing the websites, collecting feedback and working in accordance with the feedback of the clients.

Emotional Design

Web designers know about making using of colour, layout and typography to evoke emotions from users. For instance, darker colors can be utilised to show an intellect of credibility. Similarly, playful typography and colorful imagery can be used to a create sense of fun.

User Experience

The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website, especially regarding how easy or pleasing it is to use is what defines user experience. This aspect of web design is important because it tried to fulfil the users needs and aims to provide positive experience that keep a user loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your product that are most conducive to business success.


Following this increased knowledge of web design and its importance for business success, we recommend reaching out to Juno Creative for any current or future web design work. We are experienced in this area of design and are dedicated towards ensuring your business success.