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Tis’ The Season

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To some, the idea of celebrating Christmas too early makes people cringe to the point where in America people have taken to the streets to protest, “Stop Premature Christmas Decorating” (the people have spoken). However it’s officially December and that means we can officially start the countdown to Christmas.

Here at Juno, we’ve collected our favourite Christmas designs from around the world and shared them below.

1. Create fun designs on your biscuits with edible coloured markers

Our imaginations are running wild to the idea of eating edible home made art! These amazing holiday biscuits come in sets with five edible markers. We recommend maybe using them as table place cards or as a fun distraction for kids during festive dinners (YUM). You can grab them from the U.S for $39 on the Dean & Deluca website.


2. kikki.K Birch Tree

If you’re not a fan of putting up the HUGE Christmas or you’re simply going away for Christmas- this Birch Tree with lights is the perfect ornament to decorate home or workplace. Made from completely wire and tape, this tree is simplistic and festive all in one (putting and taking down a tree has never been so easy). You can grab this online or in store for $39.95 at kikki.K.


3. Wonderful Edible Snow Globes

If you’re hosting a dinner party or two over the season these edible snow globes are a must. Inspired by cooking god Martha Stewart, Sandeea Cocina food blog, La Receta de la Feclicidad (a library of delicious goodness), brings our love of winter and food together. These globes contain tiny gingerbread houses covered with coconut or icing sugar with a bubble bowl to complete the look (YUM x 2).


4. Christmas Cards by The Print Room Design

We’re in love with these individually crafted homemade Christmas cards found through Esty and cost only $25 for a set of 5.