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The importance of a great logo design

Giant Steps Logo Design Brisbane

A logo is a visual representation of your business which defines your work in a creative manner and represents your business mission. Having a logo engages your audience towards your business offerings whereby an effective logo will guide your audience towards you. Juno Creative can assists in creating this logo design for your brand to increase the likelihood of your success.

The importance of a great logo

Immense research is completed to understand your target audience, the current market and your business goals to product a logo that has a strong visual identity. Beyond the singular logo, this primary work shapes the brand moving forwards and sets the visual tone for all following graphic design materials. Therefore, having a memorable and desirable logo is important for your business success.

How to create an effective logo

Unique design

The likelihood that your business is serving the entire population is minuscule, therefore, do not design the logo to please everyone. Use your target audience research to assist in designing the logo to their needs, wants and desires. This is the best tool at automatically capturing the target audience.


Your logo must be relevant to your brand, audience and industry, therefore, careful consideration towards all graphic design elements are necessary to create a successful and meaningful logo.


An effective logo is clear, unique and recognisable. You should avoid complexity when designing a logo and keep in mind that your logo is simply a representation of your brand not a description.

Logo variations

Beyond the primary logo are variations to suit different needs and formats. Every good design is able to be represented in linear and stacked formats and in both black and white and colour. Having a variety of logos is important when working with digital and print platforms and when the size and dimensions of a space changes.


Keeping the fundamentals of logo design in mind, we are able to create an effective logo for any brand to help in creating success.