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The cutest fans you’ll ever see, journals for venting, and cards that say ‘because you’re worth it’.

Here’s a pretty sweet wishlist made for you, by us. Summer, Xmas & New Years just got a little bit sweeter!

1 & 2. The Fan Club. You can buy these babies here and here. Seriously, these guys have THE COOLEST (pun intended) fans on sale. You can now keep fresh this summer AND feel trendy at the same time.

3, 4, 5. A selection of diaries and notebooks to keep you on track with 2014. We love the Pantone notebook the most because we’re designers and are obligated to love all Pantone merchandise 😉 The 2014 Kikki K Leather Diary is also super cute, as is this In My Humble Opinion journal, filled with playful and candid quotations for the slightly neurotic type who might benefit from having a book to vent in.

6, 7, 8. Kikki K cards are our favourite cards, mostly because they look like designer cards but aren’t any more expensive than the ones you get at the news agent (the few we looked at were around the $4.95 mark). The paper and envelopes also look really expensive and tell your gift reciever “you’re worth so much more than a Big W 20 pack card set”. These cards can be found here and here, and the swing tags here.


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