National Seniors


National Seniors is an advocacy organisation dedicated to providing a voice for older Australians. National Seniors approached Juno to design an advocacy campaign that would help raise brand awareness and drive memberships via member testimonials.

National Seniors tasked us to roll out a range of assets that would be used across digital, broadcast VOD, OOH social media and print as part of their integrated marketing campaign.



The Process

In order to effectively execute a campaign centred around testimonials, we felt that it was imperative that Juno highlighted the “WHO” and “WHY” in our designs, and bring attention to the people giving their testimonials and creating that connection and authenticity. We wanted to bring to life something that National Senior’s target audience could resonate with and encourage them to take action, rather than creating a design that was clinical and imposed.

Once we settled on an approach, multiple mood-boarding design directions were drafted and shown to the client so they could see how their campaign could be brought to life. Concept 1 would showcased bite-sized testimonials with bold fonts to draw attention, while paired with strong use of photography, overlaid with bright colours and incorporation of circle graphical elements. Comparatively, Concept 2 looked to push the boundaries by bringing small quotes from the testimonials to the forefront with bold and oversized handwritten typefaces. This was matched with photography of older Australian’s looking happy and excited for the future, to help build connection and add an element of human touch. For Concept 3, we focused on placing individuals at centre of the design, with bold typefaces highlighting elements of each testimonials, ensuring there was a good balance of text to imagery ratio.

During the process, we worked closely with National Seniors to get their feedback and see what elements of the designs they liked and didn’t like. Through these revisions, we then refined the concepts a little further and incorporated their branding into the mood boards so they could see how their designs would look like. Through our collaboration and continuous communication, we arrived on a concept that National Seniors was happy with rolling across the campaign.

While our team was busy bringing the assets to life, we were also involved with producing a script for National Senior’s 15-sec and 30-sec videos. Again, we worked collaboratively with the client to ensure our copywriting was not only engaging and resonated with the audience but also, delivered National Senior’s messaging across.

The Outcome

An integrated campaign across print, digital, social and video that was lighthearted, engaging and puts individuals literally at the centre of campaign – serving as a reflection of the commitment National Seniors has with their customers.

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