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Photography Principles

Photography Juno Creative

Photography is skill of capturing light into the camera to create an image. The resolution of image depends on the quality of your camera. Some cameras are ordinary we can use them for simple photography. These cameras produce photos of medium resolution.

Some cameras are very powerful, as there is much power in their lens and are equipped with right equipment. These cameras have potential to capture the wavelengths that light invisible to human eye. They can also capture UV, infrared, and radio waves.

Photography is an art which is very important for a company if they want to share photos of their workplace. Some online websites need photography. Brands also need photography for the advertisement of their products.For this purpose, you need professional company to capture for you. Juno Creative Offers photography. This works in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Perceptions Concerning Photography

  1. It is a very long discussion whether you need a professional camera for photography or not. There have been made many discussions regarding this. Well, both ideas are accepted as some people say that there is no need of professional camera for photography, and on other hand, some people talk opposite to them – say there is a need of professional camera for a good photography.
  1. While talking about photography, today’s phones are good enough regarding the lens of cameras and they can be used to do photography. Phones, somehow, are better than professional cameras as these phones are a need of everyone and people need phones in their daily life.
  2. Also, carrying phone is easier than professional camera. Many people are good at photography even through phone camera, and for sure, they do not professional camera. There is no need of professional camera if your phone has a good camera. That will work for you perfectly.
  3. In any case, if there is no good camera in your phone and you are fond of photography, then you may have a professional camera. You can also get a professional camera if you are much interested in photography and want to start it as a hobby.

Needs of Photography

Interchangeable Lenses

If you are going to buy a professional camera (rather than phone), then you should buy the camera which comes with interchangeable lenses. This will allow you to try different types of photography.

No Obsession with Reviews

You should read the reviews, but do not obsess, as whatever is available, comes with good quality. You should select a deal, and go on.

Basics Knowledge

You should understand the basics of lenses and how they are used in our daily life. You need to start from standard first. If you go for portrait, you need a prime lens.

For sports, you will need a telephoto lens. For macro photography, you need a macro lens. Here point is to be noted that lenses matter more than anything else in equipment.


The next step is to edit your photos. It is okay to use the software already installed on your computer or you can use the software which comes with your camera. But for a good editing, you need a dedicated editing software that will work better.

Whatever software you use, you need to stick with the software and you will learn it soon.

These things can be helpful for you

  • A Tripod: it is better to use a tripod if you want to do photography as landscape.
  • Memory Cards: Your memory cards should be between 64-128 GB in the start. Also, you need a fast memory card if you are going to take photos as bursts.
  • Bags: The type of your bag will change with the change in your photography style. You will need a shoulder bag if you are doing photography in street. And, you need a rolling bad if you are photography at studio. Furthermore, for landscape photography, you require a technical hiking backpack.
  • Polarizing Filter: There is a need of good quality polarizing filter otherwise it will just destroy your photo quality.
  • Flash: You need a flash for macro or portrait photography. Flashes are expensive.
  • Extra Batteries: You need to get at least one extra battery. Extra batteries are not expensive.
  • Better Computer Monitor: You need a better quality monitor so you can edit correct colors.
  • Cleaning Kit: There is microfiber cloth to keep the front of your camera clean. You will need a rocket blower, for removing dust from camera sensor.

There are many other accessories you will need at the time of photography as GPS attachments, printers and much more.

For professional photography, you can reach out to Photography Brisbane as they offer the best photography. Juno Creative does has served many people concerning photography.


We have discussed about photography and culminated that photography can be done from phone as well as professional camera. Professional camera should be used for professional photography, or as a hobby, or photography of a brand’s products for advertisement.

Photography Brisbane offers professional photography in Brisbane.