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Support – Our Nightlife QLD

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In the studio, Juno has been super busy over the past few months working with a group of key hotel and night club owners behind Our Nightlife QLD, who are standing against the proposed new legislation; to Stop the Lockout. We’re totally on board with this and we want to spread the word!

Our Nightlife Queensland represents major hotels and nightclubs across our state, as well as everyone who relies on licensed venues and associated industries for their livelihood. They are caterers, cleaners, bar staff, security, managers and small business owners.

The Labor Government wants to introduce a 1am Lockout, a 3am close and no shots after 11:59pm. It’s a blanket policy to punish the 1 in 10,000 people who behave badly. We think there is a better way to target the real problems (punish the culprits!) without threatening Queensland’s night time entertainment culture and tourism economy

If you value your weekend nightlife, then head to the website and follow Our Nightlife QLD on Facebook (and have a gander at our awesome design too).  |