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Just Launched: Ascension


Ascension is a premium cosmetic medicine clinic, founded by Dr Scott Allison, in New Farm.

The clinic focuses on unique experiences, specifically tailored to each client. Time is taken to
customise services – creating an ideal treatment plan based on goals and individual needs.

The team at Ascension believe beauty goes beyond the surface. It’s not just about how you look
– it’s how you feel. The treatments provided at Ascension help your inner confidence shine

The Process

The Juno team worked on developing a classic and luxurious identity for the new brand. The
approach was simple sophistication, complementing and balancing the premium experiences.

The logo and various brand assets needed to feel high-end and inviting. The brand logo uses delicate serif
typography, considerately paired with a contemporary sans serif font. The ‘o’ has been slightly
tilted, creating a subtle focal point. The colour palette features warm tones of pink and beige
reflecting the feminine and stylish tone.


To create a consistent tone and visual identity for the brand, the assets are refined and polished
– linking back to the goal of simple sophistication. The delicate palette and use of minimalistic
layout are consistent across print collateral. High quality paper stocks and specialised printing
details, such as foiling, add to the brand’s elegant identity. The website features stunning
imagery and a paired back palette, allowing the online space to set the tone for the brand and in
clinic experiences.