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How to impress Google in 2015

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How to impress Google

It’s been 15 years since the end of the world, but Google’s ever-changing rules are stepping it up in 2015. There are a few developments that are rumoured to be hot on the horizon, so we thought we’d share some top tips on how you can ensure your website will be in Google’s good books (at least until next year!).

1. You need a mobile site

How often are you searching for products or services on your mobile or tablet? That’s what we thought… Google loves responsive websites, and if you want to impress Google, you need to get on the mobile bandwagon too. A staggering number of people (growing each year) are searching for local listings via their mobile, so it’s important that they are able to easily navigate and find the relevant information they are looking for on your site. If it’s not responsive, they are going to be clicking the back button pretty quickly, which is not so good for your bounce rate or your relationship with Google. This will affect the way google ranks your website, so you want to make sure you’re doing as much as you can to help.

2. Perfect your social media platforms

Social media can easily convert to more website page views if you’re using it strategically. Sharing and reposting articles that link directly to your website can only mean more website views, which won’t go unnoticed. A good idea is to set up a blog and post relevant content. Sharing these links on your social media platforms will enable more views to find it, and more clicks to your page. It’s important to mix up your Facebook and Twitter profiles with fun facts and photos, but don’t forget about your social media strategy, and how it can help to grow your business.

These tips will give you a nudge in the right direction, but if you haven’t invested any time in SEO {Search Engine Optimisation}, we’re happy to help. Don’t forget – Google is almost as clever as the man in the clouds, he knows everything.