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Illustrations Going Viral

fashion graphic design

Ladies and Gentlemen dust off your note pads and get out your pencils, drawing, sketching and doodling is making a come back in the design world and there are big rewards to reap.

Taking the year by storm is the latest craze, illustrations, more specifically fashion illustrations. The blogosphere is full of talented artists who take runway looks, magazine editorials, and street style images and reinterpret them by hand into whimsical creations.

The trend has taken off so much so that BIG brands are chasing after these creative hands and joining forces (if only our grade 2 finger paintings were worth something).

On social media this year we’ve noticed that if you’re anybody, an illustration has or will be sketched of you (kinda a big deal guys). The likes of the Kardashian’s, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have already reposted and shared their Disney look alike animations.

Juno’s favourite illustrator of the hour is Meghan Hess who also happens to be Australian (we’re a great breed). Powerhouse brands Hess has worked for include Time Magazine, Elle, Tiffany & Co, Balmain, Michelle Obama, Mont Blanc and Disney (the list goes on and it’s really impressive!).

We’ve rounded up a few of Juno’s favourite illustrations that we adore. Scroll and prepare your eyes.


Palazzo Versace by Meghan Hess


Skoda by Sandra Suy


Fashion Collaboration by Grace Haddan


Ovarian Cancer by Meghan Hess


Fashion Collaboration by Danny Roberts


If you want to get creative with your next project, our hands are ready to illustrate, illustrate, illustrate! Give us a buzz to get started.