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Using Downtime to Grow Your Business

With stores closing, face-to-face contact reducing and customers being told to stay at home, the last few weeks have thrown both small and large businesses into a spin. If your business has slowed down or you’ve been forced to temporarily closed, you might be wondering what’s next.

While you might not be able to work in your business, you can definitely work on your business. Use this compulsory downtime effectively by tackling those time-consuming tasks that usually get pushed back; by working on your business marketing and by refreshing your image. By doing a bit of a spring clean on your business during this break period, you can boost your productivity, workflow and sales once the storm passes.

We’ve narrowed down a list of our services that’ll help you do exactly that. From social media and Google Ad campaigns to brand audits and data backup, we’ll help get you back on track. If you’re interested in these services, get in touch and we’ll give you the full run-down.



  • Brand audit. We can assess your current brand assets to see if any fine tuning is required. It could also be time to look at a completely fresh vibe.
  • Live chat. Having a live chat function on your website can help drive sales enquiries. Some people will actually prefer a chat bot to making a phone call.
  • Appointment booking systems. Let your customers book appointments directly from your website. Your staff’s bookings and availability can be synced with your Google or Outlook calendars.
  • Social media styling package. Juno create an all-in-one package with templates and tools for managing and scheduling social media.

Drive traffic

  • Google My Business. Let Juno set up or optimise your GMB listing. GMB has been a big factor in search engine rankings – evidence suggests it represents up to 25% of the Google rankings signals.
  • Keyword search rankings. Do you know what search keywords your customers are using to find you? Do you know how many monthly searches there are for these keywords? Juno can help you find these keywords and incorporate them on your website in a way that gives you the best chance of being found.
  • Creation of Google Ads Campaigns. If you want instant traffic then Google Ads is a great option. We can help you set up a campaign and optimise it for the lowest cost per click.
  • Social media marketing. Paid advertising on social media is another way to get instant traffic. Let’s discuss your current social channels and how they can be best leveraged to attract your audience.


  • Move your email to the cloud. If you are still having email served from your website server it might be time to reconfigure things. Dedicated email services such as Gmail or Outlook 365 and Zoho mail offer business grade reliability and backup.
  • Data security/backup. Do you have a data backup/recovery plan in place? Offsite cloud backup is becoming increasingly affordable.
  • Work from home. We can get you set up with a VPN to your work server for smooth remote access.
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