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Fonts & Colours to Inspire your Next Project

Looking for some inspiration to spark fresh ideas? Colours and fonts are critical aspects of designing and shaping a brand’s identity. These font pairings and colour palettes are hand-picked by our Juno team in hopes that they might be just the thing to boost your creativity!

First up, we have an earthy-toned palette picked straight from the forest. The font pairing complements its elegance and luxurious feel, while the thickness and roundness of the letterforms keep it feeling approachable and friendly. Perfect for a sustainable clothing brand, cafe, or interior designer, these elements will elevate the brand to feel organic, luxe and contemporary.

This mini-brand is fun, fresh and fruity! Its electric feel pairs perfectly with a bold, wide font like Termina. These bright, energetic elements suit an out-of-the-box, creative company, someone looking for something unique, fun and ultra-modern.

Inspired by streetwear and boutique laneways, this monochromatic colour palette and strong font pairing are very adaptable, we see them being used for a wide range of brands: classy fashion labels, corporate law firms or boutique gyms.

Ready to step-up your business? If you’re looking to create a new brand or refresh your existing brand, our team at Juno will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect identity for your business.

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