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5 mins with… Amber Hankins

Hey, I’m Amber! My start to the weekend often looks like a slow morning at home with a magazine (probably Kinfolk), sipping an iced coffee or at a new-found cafe with a coffee in hand – either way, you can count on me & caffeine. I love being inspired by winter fashion, out-of-the-box photography and beautiful home styling. As a designer, I like working with modern, creative, boutique businesses and my favourite projects are branding and editorial design.

1. If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

An interior designer or decorator

2. Favourite travel destination?

New York. I’m currently making NY travel plans & getting excited!

3. Your last ever meal… what would it be?

I think I would go for Mexican, I’m always in the mood for a taco.

4. Cats or dogs?

This is hard… I do own a cat but I have to say dogs!

5. Three things you can’t live without?

My friends, podcasts and coffee on the daily.

6. Five songs on your playlist right now?

1. Frail State of Mind – The 1975
2. New Light – John Mayer (Bonus points if you watch the music video)
3. Morning Dew – Matt Quentin
4. Caffeine Rivers – Hailaker
5. Nobody – Mac DeMarco

7. Last book you read / next one you’ll read?

I just finished ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman.

8. Fave song lyrics?

“Treat people with kindness” – a simple one but it always makes me think how much better the world could be if everyone was a little kinder.

9. Who should everyone be following right now?

@mistakesivemadee on Instagram for a laugh and a reminder that every designer makes mistakes!
I also think @inspofinds is a great place to find curated design inspiration.

10. What are you binging on Netflix?

Patriot Act

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