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Whether you are coordinating a conference, forum, exhibition or other, we want your hard work to look it’s best. Our goal is to capture the purpose of your event in an engaging and memorable way.

Taking the essence of your company branding, our team creates a strategic identity for your event. Something that can create a buzz around the occasion and ensure that your attendees they feel the same passion and excitement that you do.

We design everything you need from start to end, including pre-event, on-the-day and post-event. This includes all of your digital and social posts as you build up towards the day, as well as your print collateral including window decals, floor artwork, hanging banners, t-shirts, lanyards, totes – you name it – for the event itself. Every element will be cohesive to be consistent and unified.

Whether this is a one time occasion or an annual function, we work to create something that has the legs to move and develop. From year to year, as your event evolves, it’s identity will be able to seamlessly transform into something fresh, new and current for the event’s next appearance.


Juno was tasked with Safer Care’s annual healthcare quality and safety conference. The event needed to be able to evolve year after year, still capturing the same energy and style yet feel like a completely new experience.

This creative process involved the creation of a suite of geometric shapes inspired by the SCV and VicGov logos. The idea was to build an evolutive graphic device that can be easily used across a wide range of marketing collateral. This pattern translates effortlessly onto application of various sizes.

The combined geometric shapes evoke the pooling of skills and interests of the attendees. Furthermore, they illustrate the whole idea of collaboration and support. The selected colours are selected from and based on the SCV and VicGov brands. We incorporated complementary shades to add interest to the design and reflect the diversity of the participants. These branding elements can be conveniently updated to distinguish the event from year to year.

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