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In today’s digital age, the right audience can be hard to target and static ads are too easily scrolled past. At Juno, we like to push past the stale confines of stock-still graphics and spice things up with eye-catching movement. Juno’s experienced creative team offers professional 2D animation & motion graphics services. We use animation to tell a story, enhance your brand identity and make a mark in consumer minds.


When the team at Seqwater approached Juno to design a unique, engaging identity for their internal communications, we were thrilled to join forces. Seeing this as an opportunity to stand out, Seqwater asked for a look that was professional, yet vibrant and edgy. They were looking for the new collateral to be positive, engaging and conversational.

Juno concocted a unique design direction to reflect the positive, fun and memorable style Seqwater had asked for. We undoubtedly brought the story to life by designing and animating engaging illustrations. These tailor-made elements have given the staff a clear vision of their culture, commitments and strategy.

The deliverables included a complete internal brand identity, wall murals, digital infographics and print materials including a code of conduct booklet, stationary, posters and other documentation.

Following the project, Seqwater was an awards finalist for their fresh, new narrative and collateral.

Animation & Motion Graphics Design, SEQ Posters
Animation & Motion Graphics Design, Binoculars


Brisbane Airport approached Juno seeking new branding for their internal communications. They wanted to realign their existing strategy and define a simplified, clear purpose.

Juno created a concrete narrative that employees would relate to, believe and share. Our copywriting had a genuine, distinct tone of voice that would connect to their staff and clearly unpack the Brisbane Airport team strategy.

Tailored to highlight Brisbane Airport’s message and goals, the lively and illustrative designs ensured that the employees understood the company strategy and their role within it. With engaging illustrations, a clear purpose and a storyline to connect them, the BAC employees can recognise meaning in the values and effectively apply them.

The deliverables included their complete internal brand identity, wall murals, poster art, a BAC story booklet, copywriting and digital collateral including infographics.

Animation & Motion Graphics Design, BAC-Poster
Animation & Motion Graphics Design
Animation & Motion Graphics Design

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