The project

Intega approached Juno seeking a complete rebrand to help solidify their company appearance following their recent demerger. As a quality, testing and measurement business, the new identity had to be modern, fresh and recognisable, while standing for quality and trust.

Juno created the name Intega as a portmanteau of a variety of services provided by the company. By combining the keywords ‘infrastructure’, ‘testing’, ‘engineering’, ‘geo’ and ‘assets’, we were able to form a name that is descriptive and relevant to the business while remaining subtle. The word ‘integer’ was referenced to give a sense of the science-based, mathematical side of the business. The meaning of integer is ‘a whole number’ – this relates to Intega by showing that its various sub-brands act as ‘fractions’, coming together to form one unified whole. We also felt that ‘integral’ was an ideal word to use as inspiration – this word instils a sense of leadership, dedication and authenticity. It was crucial to create a flexible name that held no surface-level meaning.

The logo construction is balanced in shape, drawing it’s strength from a circle. The spacing between the ‘G’ and ‘A’ creates a moment of reflection to generate growth and movement for now and into the future. The complementing brand element comes from the letters e,g,a but not only do they form part of the logo but they draw inspiration as the umbrella company connecting each brand as one. The brand element is to be used sparingly as to not over saturate the brand and give the element strength.

Within exploration of the brand we found the use of contrasting greys with complementary colours was the strongest direction for Intega. These colours are effortlessly used across all the stationery, marketing material and website. The use of the orange has been used sparingly and only as to lift the design and complement it, not over power the collateral with large saturation of bright colour.


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