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File Saving 101

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Wondering where all your space is going? At Juno, we are constantly saving, exporting and packaging files, so we’d consider ourselves file saving whizzes. We’ve got a solution and they’re saved under your Pictures!

It can be tough to know exactly what filetype is best for you to use especially with all the formats; JPEG, GIF and PNG (no, they aren’t all random letters). Saving your images as the wrong type could end up blurring your work of art, changing the background or losing the details of your logos (technology… am I right?). 

For your websites in particular big files don’t just take up a lot of space, they also increase the download time and bandwidth therefore your images might not load fast enough for your visitors… ekkkkk!

If you’re on your own computer it’s easy to pay and upgrade your storage, but if you don’t want to get the cheque book out – look at these handy references below to select the perfect filetype for you images. 

A quick example: it’s best to use PNG when saving a logo image, so that its details would look clear and distinct. 




If you’re still overwhelmed here’s a SUMMARY ///


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