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Dextr App

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Introducing Dextr – the new keyboard app that’s as easy as ABC (QWERTY what!?). We’re a fan of anything innovative here at Juno and are thrilled that one of our collaborations, Dextr, is now available in 13 languages!

Over at the Brisbane headquarters, they’ve been working hard to make themselves the fastest, easiest and smartest text creation tool ever – so you can become the most efficient texter ever. They have even made it great for lefties, kids and people with disabilities. This is pretty awesome if you ask us.

We think what’s driving Dextr is pretty powerful stuff, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. “We see Dextr as a powerful aid to fast, efficient and effective communication. But more than that, we see it as a vital learning tool, helping lift literacy rates. Our vision is that one day, children everywhere – from Swaziland to Sulawesi to El Salvador will learn to read, write and reach out to the world with Dextr.”

So if you’re still wondering what it’s all about, head over to and download it for free!