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3 Videos to make you laugh and fall in love with Google Analytics at the same time.

Google Analytics is an amazing tool. In fact, if we were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one thing, it would be Google Analytics (well, maybe not that amazing, but it is DEFINITELY up there with our absolute website must-have’s). If you can’t tell, here at Juno, we are Google Analytics’ biggest fan. So here are three entertaining videos that help demonstrate the benefits of Google Analytics and how it can be used to improve your customer’s experience. For more tips on improving your website, check out the Google Analytics blog.

1) Can visitors find what they’re looking for?

2) Is your online checkout process turning customers away?

3) Are your visitors being distracted?

And the best part is that Google Analytics costs less than a Curly Wurly. Kidding! It actually costs nothing, because it’s totally free, and free is good.

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